2021 Shows

Greetings time traveler – we appreciate your enthusiasm for more The Shadows Radio but as 2021 hasn’t come around yet, you’ll need to wait patiently as we here at The Shadows have not yet perfected our own time traveling abilities and when we tried to preview our upcoming shows from the future, we ended up burning microwave popcorn instead.  The smell is still lingering in the studio and it’s not an adventure we’d like to repeat any time soon.  So until we’re able to perfect our skills or 2021 finally arrives, you’ll just have to be patient and don’t spoil any of the upcoming TV shows.  But you know… any future stock insights might not be a bad thing. Shoot us an email and we’ll cut you in on the spoils!


Until 2021, Dear Time Traveler!

See you in the Shadows!

Rebecca & Bill

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