The Shad­ows Radio is hosted by Rebecca Brum­ble and Cara Taylor!


Rebecca — “I’m not good at writ­ing bios about myself…I always come off sound­ing a lit­tle awk­ward or stilted or some­thing… Let’s just say I’ve been doing this for a long time — prob­a­bly longer than you’d guess — and I am cur­rently the lead inves­ti­ga­tor on the best team in Philadel­phia [per­sonal opin­ion, of course] SPIRT of PA! Check out our site!

I’m also a huge his­tory geek which is why I’m excited that our show is going to be focus­ing on his­tory and his­tor­i­cal preser­va­tion as well as the para­nor­mal.  I promise to put my mic on mute before I geek out!  I spend a lot of my free time vol­un­teer­ing for var­i­ous his­tor­i­cal sites in the area.

I am excited to be host­ing The Shad­ows! This first year has been so amaz­ing with the guests that we’ve had on! I hope you all enjoyed lis­ten­ing as much as we’ve enjoyed inter­view­ing them! We have so many amaz­ing things planned com­ing up! And we’re so excited to have Cara on board now for our amaz­ing ride!

Cara - Some­thing about myself.…well although I am new to the para­nor­mal scene, I have had an inter­est for it my entire life, well at least as far back as I can remem­ber. Its only in the past few years that I have become actively pur­su­ing my inter­ests and becom­ing involved. I love it, I learn some­thing new every­day, have met some great peo­ple and made some incred­i­ble friends. I am cur­rently a mem­ber of a para­nor­mal group based out of Bucks County, how­ever have been on sev­eral inves­ti­ga­tions with other groups, friends, etc. More impor­tantly I want to thank Rebecca for this oppor­tu­nity to co-host The Shad­ows Radio, it is really a lot of fun and I look for­ward to this adventure.


Occa­sion­ally we will have some inter­est­ing behind the scenes anec­dotes or sto­ries that didn’t make it on the air.  Check out our host blog to find our what we’re talk­ing about!  And be sure to check out all of the awe­some pic­tures to get to know us even better!!

The Silent Man behind all of the Tech Stuff! is Erick Bee. The Shad­ows are proud to have the best pro­ducer who keeps us on the air, keeps all of our sound clips in order and most impor­tant makes sure we sound great! Erick is also the host of his own show on Para-x — Dark Sun Ris­ing on Mon­days at 10pm ET. Be sure to tune in to his shows too!